Mercury's Fortune Telling cards by BabaBarock
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Mercury’s Fortune Telling Cards

This fortune telling deck – from the city that is now Lviv, in Ukraine – is one of our favourite historical “fortune telling cards” decks. We’ve painstakingly restored the original images and added cold-stamping to make this a unique fusion of old and new.

This is a distinct type of fortune-telling deck which has similarities with Lenormand, Sybilla and Kipper cards but also has its own characteristics.

As these cards would not originally have had a specific name and as they have a very charming card showing “Mercury”, we decided to call these Mercury’s Fortune Telling Cards.


This is a 32-card deck with a straight-forward structure – each card stands for a simple concept and is read in proximity with the cards that fall around it in a reading.

We loved this deck in particular for its inclusion of cards for “Vexation” (probably based on a classic depiction of Hecate) and “Haughtiness” (based on a depiction of Pride).

The grid and copyright notice does not appear on the actual cards.
The grid and copyright notice does not appear on the actual cards

The Fortune Telling Cards Guidebook can be used with both The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards and Mercury’s Fortune Telling Cards. It includes discussions of each card in both decks and their interpretations as well as sample spreads.

This comprehensive book also provides information on the fascinating history of these Central European cards as well as a wealth of illustrations, including examples of rare historical decks.

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