New designs and upcoming projects at BabaBarock

We hope to keep this page up to date as we go along, so that you are informed about where we are with new projects and developments.
Working on The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

New designs and upcoming projects at BabaBarock

We hope to keep this page up to date as we go along, so that you are informed about where we are with new projects and developments.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot, fourth edition

The fourth edition of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot  begin shipping – on schedule – in late October 2023. 

Many of the cards have been considerably changed in this new edition with some completely new images, such as the Eight of Cups.

And of course, this deck features our spectacular cold-stamping in “cold” silvery colours on both the limited edition, large-format version and the standard version, while still retaining the mystery and dark romanticism of this much-loved deck.

The Bohemian Cats' Theatre Tarot

We are getting lots of enquiries about the new Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Tarot and we are delighted to be able to put so much of our passion and purrfectionism (sorry, just could not resist!) into the deck. But please be patient with us- we know there is a lot of anticipation. 

It will take us at least until late 2024/5 to complete, it’s just a very painstaking project with lots of work making costumes and then doing the actual illustrations.

It isn’t a reprint or new version of the original Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot; it’s an entirely new deck. We make every costume (loosely based on Baroque clothing) by hand – including designing our own unique embroideries, lace and hats.

The miniature clothing patterns are also, of course, entirely our own. So it’s a slow process, but does produce uniquely detailed imagery. Things were held up by two lockdowns (which we know are necessary) but we are still hopeful of having the work done by late 2024 or 2025 – all being well.

If you haven’t yet seen the first video of our design process (made a few days before lockdown in March 2020 when we still didn’t have a title for the deck!), please do take a look – it’s below. 

Also, please don’t miss our Bohemian Cats blog – you can see lots of “behind the scenes” and “how we did it” posts there, and they will be ongoing.

The other Bohemian Cats projects - yes, it's more than tarot cards!

There is more to “The Bohemian Cats” than the tarot cards. We plan to do a sumptuous and spirited book too – full of illustrations that will take you beyond the cards into the broader world of our travelling troupe of theatrical felines.

We will also be making a range of other designs ranging from very affordable paper and textile products through to some very special art pieces.

Recently completed projects - now available

"The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards" - our original deck and "Mercury's Fortune Telling Cards" - a reimagining of an antique deck.

Textiles, embroideries and bags

We’ve been making textiles since 2005 (you may not know that Karen’s first-ever paid work was when she was fifteen and one summer made crochet dresses for Chrissie Shrimpton’s shop in London – so her interest in textiles goes back a long way!) We are currently focused on using vintage and antique fabrics as much as possible, and exploring applique as well as our own embroidery design. 
You can expect to see more bags, more of our beautiful and gently mystical “hanging charms” and, in the future, some more fortune-telling related textile designs. 

We feel that the Halloween and winter holidays should be a time for decorations that are brought out year after year and that only become more beautiful over time.

Our spectacular baubles are all handmade (by us, in our studio in Ireland) from the collection of special vintage and antique fabrics that we have built up over years. They have a timeless quality that reflects their heritage. We expect to launch these for sale in 2024.

They will be available in 2024.



I’ve heard you are leaving tarot design. Is that right?
Yes, we plan the new Bohemian Cats’ Theatre Tarot to be the last new deck of tarot cards that we’ll design. As mentioned, it will be published in 2024/5. However, while we are working on it, and while it’s available, we will try to do some new editions of our other decks.

Why did you decide to do the new cards in the “Bohemian” style?
We’ve worked with these cards since first going to Prague (actually, a reading with a set of these helped to persuade Karen to move to Prague). We decided to make a deck in this style some years ago, but never got very far with it. Recently, however, we decided that it’s now or never!

Which decks are you likely or unlikely to reprint?

Nothing is absolutely certain, but this is what we are currently thinking:

The Victorian Romantic Tarot – we plan to do just a small run in spring of 2024. Why a small run? It’s because we have some of our beautiful Germany-made cardstock left after printing The Bohemian Gothic Tarot and it will be the last cardstock we will have for at least a year. So it’s a great opportunity to print this much-requested deck. We will be printing it with The Tarot of Prague (see below) and that will use all our remaining cardstock.

The Fairytale Tarot – no reprints planned. We may consider this again in the future.

The Flower Oracle – no reprints planned. We may consider this again in the future.

The Tarot of Prague – we plan to do just a small run in spring of 2024. Why a small run? It’s because we have some of our beautiful Germany-made cardstock left after printing The Bohemian Gothic Tarot and it will be the last cardstock we will have for at least a year. So it’s a great opportunity to print this much-requested deck. We will be printing it with The Victorian Romantic Tarot (see above) and that will use all our remaining cardstock.

The Mythical Creatures Tarot – no reprints planned of either the monochrome or coloured version. We will consider this again in the future.

The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot – no reprints planned. We may consider this again in the future.

The Alice Tarot – good news on this one, as we do hope to print a new edition. Maybe around the period 2024-5? We’ll keep you updated.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot – we are working on a new edition, this time with cold-stamping. Pre-orders are now open HERE on our World shop. They are also open HERE on our EU shop for pre-orders to the EU and UK only.


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The comments below are copied from our original post.

We were using a different blog system and have now made this into a more functional WordPress blog. The comments below are therefore copied from the previous blog. Please feel free to carry on the conversation!

Shelly Tellier

Dec 22, 2021

I’m excited to see your new Bohemian Cat tarot deck! I love my Alice in Wonderland deck!



Jan 19, 2022

Please let me know when you will offer the bohemian Gothic tarot

Hana Steinlaufova


Feb 18, 2022

Hello! I’m from Prague and recently living in Canada. I’m new to Tarot and I missed your printing of the Tarot of Prague and the Fantastic Managerie. I understand that you are not reprinting these in near future. I really love them. Is it possible to find them somewhere right now? I would really love to work with them. Thank you, Hana Steinlaufova.




Mar 17, 2022

Dear Karen and Alex, I am a huge fan of your work and love all your tarot decks. I would like to know if you ever consider the reprinting of your deck in a super special edition borderless? The cards are all gorgeous but the border takes away some of the glory. Many tarot private producers are eliminating the border for this reason. Please consider this for your future plans. Thank you for everything you do for us card lovers. We love you and wish all the best!

Baba Store replied:Hi Mira, We have only done one deck without borders, /The Bohemian Gothic Tarot/. We liked the result but were not at all convinced that we want to do other decks without borders. It’s a bit like framing or not framing a picture, isn’t it? Personally, I don’t agree that any glory is taken away by a frame and I don’t think museums and galleries, for instance, are going to begin taking frames off pictures any time soon.  🙂 Quite honestly, we also find that the fashion for no borders has waned a fair bit over the years – it was a real “thing” for a while but not so much recently.  I think it’s because people have realised that there are very definitely pros and cons to decks with and without borders. Mostly, we prefer the borders, partly because they protect the images (as cards get worn with use, borderless decks have some of the edges of the imagery affected by that wear). For a deck like The Alice Tarot, we deliberately designed the imagery so that it breaks the borders in a significant way, and the deck would lose all that meaning if it didn’t have those borders. For our more antique-looking decks, borderless would simply be a stylistic mistake that would take away from the overall look and feel. There is another whole argument about the fact that printers don’t cut cards absolutely accurately, so if there are no borders, you have to allow for the fact that some imagery may be slightly cut in the manufacturing process. We allowed for this with The Bohemian Gothic Tarot but I’m not sure it was worth having to design the cards so that nothing significant in the image was close to the edge. So – all in all I  think it’s unlikely we will be removing borders from any reprints but we will of course keep it in mind, and we always appreciate feedback, which we take on board. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.


Bonnie Schiff

Apr 1, 2022

Love your decks , looking forward to your Bohemian Fortune telling cards.. Please put me on your pre order list for the cards. Thank you Bonnie Schiff


Apr 14, 2022

Out of all the decks I own which is about 60+ this companies decks are by far the most exquisite and beautiful decks I own. I am lucky enough to now own three of these companies decks. They’re eloquent, beautifully artistic! Words cannot express how beautiful these decks are! I hope in the future I’ll be able to purchase more of these decks from this company. Again magnificent, eloquent! When I read these decks it’s as if I am watching a play from the 1500’s! Love!


May 28, 2022

Hello! I am absolutely in love with the work you do on your tarot decks. I’m new to tarot, and browsing through the aclectic, the absolute first deck I fell in love with was the bohemian Gothic tarot. The magician had me, and the rest of the cards soon after. I immediately looked it up, very heart broken it was no where to be found and out of print. And the very few copies I found online were being sold upwards of $800. I can’t afford anywhere near that. So I’m begging you to please reprint the bohemian Gothic tarot. I need a copy. Like asap. Please!!!!!!

Baba Store replied:Hi Ashley, Thank you for your kind words and sorry for the late response. The good news is that we do plan to release a new edition of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot in the coming years. We don’t know exactly when yet as there is no schedule in place but at this stage, it’s likely to be late 2023 at the earliest before pre-orders open. We will keep people informed through our customer newsletter and blog. Thanks again for your interest. Cathy


Jun 5, 2022

Hello to everyone at BabaBarock from the States! Although I completely understand wanting to take your company in a different direction, the thought that there will come a time when you are no longer working on Tarot/Oracle decks is unfathomable. I read and collect cards and while I’ve loved many decks, I’ve never fallen in love with one (or a company for that matter) like I did when I first saw “The Bohemian Gothic” deck.. It was dark without being cheesy, vintage but not stuffy, and soulful without being overdone. I’d never felt energy like it and I thought I never would again. Because I loved your company so much, I bought the “Victorian Romantic Tarot”, even though I didn’t think it would resonate as much for me. Boy, was I wrong! When I went through each card, looking at the images, I fell in love again, just more so. It felt like the deck was made just for me alone. I’m the type that has an obsession with Memento Mori and skulls in particular (when I saw a picture of the bone chapel on your website for the first time, I told my husband we were moving to Prague) yet I still love my girly things and this is what the deck felt like to me. Part dark, Part light; A story by Jane Austen and one by Poe. It has it’s silly, cheeky side too. My intuition clicked with the cards like none had before or since, and it became my favorite and most used deck. (Of course I purchased bags for my decks and a few of your beautiful shoulder bags as well.) Since then, I sadly got sick (during the initial diagnosis was the same time the rewards got switched out and it’s totally my fault for not paying attention, but I lost a big chunk of points 😢) and that changed my purchasing power in a big way. I missed out on several of your decks that I desperately want. “The Baroque Bohemian Cats”, “Mythical Creatures”, “The Tarot of Prague”, and “The Flower Oracle”. I save up, then come check your site for what’s available at that time. When I look for second hand copies on Ebay or Etsy, they are always between $200 and $750 USD. Not many people can afford those prices and most people would rather give their money directly towards the artist. I’m excited to see the “Fantastic Menagerie Tarot” available now so I can snap it up. Going to grab it here in a few days. My point in writing this is first to tell you how much your company has meant to me over the years and to hopefully *playfully* nudge you to reprint some of your other decks as the years go by and your company changes and grows. If the upfront cost of the printing is too much, (I know you do pre-orders, but I have no idea how much of your own money you have to use to finish the job, but I’m guessing it’s a lot) have you thought about trying a KickStarter campaign? It would give you more exposure and if you didn’t make the money goal, then you wouldn’t have to go through with it. Just a suggestion, as I know everyone who’s been into Tarot for years knows how wonderful your company is, and I hope future generations keep finding and falling in love with all of your beautiful decks. Thank you 🙏 for the many years of awe, wonder, and happiness your company has brought to my life….and Good Luck with everything you do in the future! Melissa

Baba Store replied Hi Sunny, Apologies for the very slow reply. Our software was not allowing us to reply to comments, and we have finally solved that. It’s so interesting to read your comments and yes, we love The Bohemian Gothic Tarot too and hope we can reprint it in a new version soon. We have never done Kickstarter as there are pros and cons to it. We may possibly give it a try at some point in the future. Our issue with reprints isn’t financial, because as you say, pre-orders cover most of the costs. But because we change each deck before re-issuing, a lot of studio time is involved and this is the reason we can’t do re-issues very often. Right now, we plan to put most of our work into the new Bohemian Cats work and so we won’t be doing very much else. We will try to do a new version of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot, as I mentioned, but that isn’t certain, as it very much depends on whether we have studio time to get that done. I hope that explains things and thank you so much again – your support is hugely appreciated and means a lot to us. Karen and Alex.

Leslie Marzano

Jun 9, 2022

I’m interested in purchasing your Bohemian Fortune Cards.

Baba Store replied:Hi Sunny, Those are now available for pre-order on our shops. Thanks so much! Karen


Carolyn Wolfe

Jun 15, 2022

I love your purses, tarot bags, and shawls which I own multiples of! But I failed to buy a jacket. Any chance you’ll do these again? 🙏

Baba Store replied:Hi Carolyn, Many thanks for your kind comments. Unfortunately, though, we have no plans to do more jackets. Apologies for any disappointment.



Jun 16, 2022

Belle journée, je suis toujours triste de voir que vous souhaitez arrêter la conception des tarots, votre travail est un véritable enchantement 🤗💌🙋. Bien à vous. Regine


Aug 22, 2022

I love your work of art and I am so very happy with my Victorian Romantic Tarot! Thank you so very much. I loved the extra card which you sent as well! It makes me want The Alice tarot even more now! I am so sad to have missed the opportunity to purchase it when it was available… Please, please, do print a third edition of that deck sooner than later and do keep me posted as to when this will happen! Everyone would be so happy, I am certain! 2024 seems so far away, but I look forward to it if that is when it becomes available again! No need to publish this… I just wanted to forward my thanks to you!



Sep 24, 2022

it seems all the decks i want are sold out and will never be reprinted. sad. beautiful work. happy travels.

Baba Store replied:Hi David, We are about to launch two new decks and our Victorian Romantic Tarot only just went out of print – I’m sorry you missed it. Some of our decks will be issued in a new edition in the coming years. You can get an idea of schedules at the blog post above. In general though, we are moving away from tarot design and the new Bohemian Cats’ Tarot is likely to be the last tarot deck we design. Thanks for your interest and comment – we appreciate both – and I hope the decks you are looking for are among the ones scheduled for a new edition. Karen and Alex

Brienne Iverson

Oct 4, 2022

I would love to see the Flower Oracle come back into reprint. I have a deck that is so worn I can hardly see the images anymore. So beautiful and one of the most accurate decks I have ever used!!!

Baba Store replied:Hi Brienne, Thanks for your comment and for your lovely feedback. I’m afraid there are no plans at the moment to reprint the Victorian Flower Oracle. We think it’s unlikely but it may happen in the future. If it does, it is likely to be several years away as we have lots of other projects in the pipeline in the meantime. Sorry for any disappointment and I hope you continue to enjoy using your deck! Cathy


Tânia Hormann

Oct 10, 2022

I am interested in buying the Alice Taro. Pelase let me know when or if it will be possible

Baba Store replied:Hi Tania, We do hope to have a new version of The Alice Tarot out in 2024 – we know there is a large demand for it so we are scheduling it in as soon as we can. Many thanks for your interest. Karen



Oct 17, 2022

Interessada na reedição do Alice Tarot. Gostaria de receber informações sobre as produções de novos baralhos.

Baba Store replied:Hi Tania, Thanks for your interest in The Alice Tarot. We hope to bring out a new version of the deck, perhaps in 2024. If you would like information about new decks, and other designs, do please sign up to our newsletter – you can see the place to sign up at the bottom of our shop front page – . We usually send two times a month at the most, as we know people don’t like to be flooded with emails. 🙂 Karen


Maureen Staszewski

Nov 25 at 9:17 pm

I would love The Tarot of Prague. Please let me know if you ever plan to offer another edition.


Stan K. Beest

Dec 1 at 1:44 am

Like many others here, I am an avid Tarot collector, but your decks are among my most prized. I even took a chance on the Victorian Romantic Tarot, thinking it was not really my style but since it was a Baba it’d probably still be good. But I was wrong – it may even be my favorite one of all! Though that would be a difficult decision…


Marta Iria

Dec 5 at 8:55 pm

Please, Please , please … i need you to do a new edition of the romantic vitorian tarot ! It’s a lovely deck. I wasn’t in good time to buy it in the last edition, but would still very much to own one of those beautifull decks . Think about it with love ! 🙏🙏



Dec 16 at 2:54 pm

PLEASE bring back the Romantic Victorian Tarot and the Bohemian Gothic Tarot! Thank you 🙂

Baba Store replied:Hi Elaine, Thanks for your interest. We do hope to do a slightly new version of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot in 2023 – we will of course be making an announcement about this when we have firm schedules. Do please join out mailing list if you aren’t already on it, as subscribers usually get early notifications. As The Victorian Romantic Tarot is not long out of print, we haven’t even discussed whether it will ever be printed again. At this point, there are no plans unfortunately. Thanks again. Karen


Hana S.

Jan 9 at 5:29 am

I just heard today about your plans to reprint The Bohemian Gothic tarot this year. I’m very excited about that. And I’m another YES! for The tarot of Prague, lol. Hana, proud owner of The Fantastic Memagerie Tarot.

Baba Store replied:Hi Hana, Thanks for the feedback and yes, it’s just great to be able to bring back The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. Alex will be out in Czech Republic in a couple of weeks to oversee the printing of The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards so he hopes at the same time to be able to have an initial discussion about possibilities for The Bohemian Gothic. I honestly don’t know if The Tarot of Prague will come back. I would love to see another edition, but right now, it seems uncertain. We are small and just don’t have time to keep everything in print as we like to change decks each time, which is creatively interesting (and which users like) but does take up time. Hopefully one day though 🙂



Jan 31 at 11:33 pm

Please consider reprinting Mythical Creatures Tarot, I would love a copy. Also The Fairytale Tarot.

Baba Store replied:Hi Sarah, Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we have no plans to reprint either of these decks, though we never say “never” and it could happen in years to come. However, we have our schedule agreed until 2025 and so won’t be considering any reprints until after that. I’m sorry if that’s disappointing, but we are a small studio and make every edition of our decks different, so we simply don’t have the capacity to do many of them. Thanks again! Karen



Mar 6 at 4:13 pm

I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot… Any plans on a reprint on this one?!



Mar 13 at 10:24 pm

Please bring back the Victorian Flower oracle. The scalpers on ebay and etsy are reselling at unaffordable prices. Love your designs!!

Marie-Pierre Leclerc

Mar 25 at 9:00 pm

I only found out a couple years ago about your shop and was so sad to have just missed out on the Mystical Creatures Tarot. Also the Alice Tarot! I am so pleased to have gotten the Victorian Romantic and get a chance to pick up the Bohemian Gothic, but I would totally splurge to get these other two if ever there was a reprint! Please consider 🙂 ♥


Karen Pauli

Apr 25 at 1:20 pm

Many years ago, when you first brought out the Bohemian Boroque Cat Tarot, I bought a number of the decks and took them to a medevial war, where they sold quickly. There are many cat lovers there, as well as those who go in for detailed elaborate costuming, and I think they will be delighted with your new deck, when it comes out. Of course, I’ll have the keep the first deck out of the box for myself! I just love your artwork!

Baba Store replied:That’s lovely to hear Karen. People do seem to really take to the deck and it seems to have a fair number of loyal fans! By the way, you can read more about the progress on the new deck at – we’ll be posting fairly regularly from now on.



Apr 27 at 7:24 am

Please bring back the beautiful Tarot of Prague, on ebay and etsy they are selling for MANY hundreds if not a thousand of dollars already since the deck is SO desired and became such a classic with such a huge following. It is definitely an essential for ALL tarot readers, Amazon reviews are also all 5 stars! There are NO decks like the Prague tarot deck, bringing that European traditional style that is oh-so-classic and yet done by very few to such a beautiful way as you have done! If there is a golden large edition reprint I guarantee people will flock to get it, I have not found ANY deck like the Prague deck and believe me I have scoured EVERYWHERE. The only deck that has that European old art style is the new tarot deck called Serpent & Peacock tarot but that is completely amateur in comparison to the art of the Prague deck.

Baba Store replied: Hi Jes, Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t have any plans currently for reprinting The Tarot of Prague. We will of course continue to consider this, but as we are no longer doing Magic Prague tours (the last version of the deck was done partly for the tours) it’s not very likely right now. As you may know, we are moving away from tarot so as we get involved in other projects, new versions of older decks become less likely. We do plan a new edition of The Alice Tarot, maybe in 2024/5, and as you know, we are currently working on a new edition of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. Beyond that, we just don’t know. All the best – and thanks again for the feedback, which is appreciated. Karen



May 10 at 4:19 pm

It would be lovely if you would reprint the decks already created. I would love to purchase the Alice Tarot in the 2nd edition. It is currently selling for over $700 on Ebay. Please consider the customer demand for your decks. When you do such limited edition quantities, it feels like it is not created for oracle and tarot lovers to enjoy but rather just for Baba Studios to feel special. So many of us would love to own your beautiful creations and are blocked from doing so. Are you creating tarot and oracle decks for your customers or for yourselves? The demand is there. Why do you need to make everything limited edition to be enjoyed? You can be known for your great quality standards, attention to detail, and the level of depth in your decks, rather than making all your decks so hard to purchase. It comes across as somewhat snobby (forgive me). A business should be in service to their customers and not exist simply to make themselves feel special or limited edition. So many of us would enjoy being part of the worlds that you create but are blocked from doing so, simply because we were not there at the very limited time of the decks creation and printing or because of the limited quantity it sold out so quickly and was no longer available. Your decks are very difficult to attain. People just want to enjoy them. Let more people enjoy what you create please!

Baba Store replied:Hi Rachel, We do not make “everything limited edition”.  We always do a limited edition and a standard edition. The standard editions are usually available for at least a year, but far more often for two or three years – The Alice Tarot was available for several years. Why didn’t you buy it when it was available? There is ample opportunity to buy from  us, so I honestly don’t know what the issue is. We are a small studio and it is impossible to keep everything in print. We do our best. If that’s not good enough, well, as you know, we are moving away from tarot and will be focusing on other design once the current deck is finished. You have beautifully demonstrated one reason why. Yours – the “snobby” design studio trying to “make themselves feel special”.



May 11 at 10:04 pm

Your Tarot Decks are works of Art, Very Very beautiful and very very Special, worthy of love and appreciation, tools for reflection and introspection. making Limited Editions contribute to their outstanding presence. your entire website is a place to wander and appreciate. Love all you do.

Baba Store replied: Thank you so much, Mark. We appreciate your support and encouragement.


Caoimhe’s daughter

Jul 19 at 5:37 pm

Am new to Tarot and recently discovered your studio. So excited you are going to do a reprint of Alice in the future. It is the most visually stunning tarot deck I’ve ever seen!


Nicolle van Eck-Mulkens

Jul 28 at 3:13 pm

I saw your decks for the first time on you tube where there were previews of some of your decks. there are extremely beautiful, so I am very happy that I can buy from your store. I hope that the fairy tale tarot will be reprinted in the future! Great work and stunning cards!!


Kitty Brown

Aug 16 at 11:16 am

Please. Stop using the “we’re a small shop” excuse for everything you don’t want to do.

Baba Store replied: Well it’s hardly an “excuse”. We can’t simply conjure up time out of the blue. Please understand that redoing a deck is not an overnight thing for us. For example, we have just done many months work on redoing a new version of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. It doesn’t happen without effort and time being devoted to it. That’s reality. We’d love to be able to do everything, all at once and preferably instantly. But sadly…


Ashley R

Oct 20 at 2:13 am

Keeping me eyes on your page just in case Alice is re-released! One of my favorite tarot readers uses the deck frequently and I have been in love with it for years. I am such a huge fan of your studio and the work it produces. It’s all very special and unique. Thank you for not compromising your quality, and for taking the time (over and over!) to explain why you run your business the way you do.



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